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Soussan’s story

“The pantry has a way of making us feel like guests and not people in need.”

It’s been 25 years since I came to the Y with my kids, and then my knees were bad so there were a few problems. But my daughter kept saying, ‘Go to the Y, go to the Y.’

Finally, thank God, last year I decided to come. My knees are a little bit better. I look forward to the Y whenever there’s swimming or exercise classes. I come to the food pantry after I exercise, and now I’m volunteering with the garden program. You meet a lot of new friends here. Thank God, I’m busy.

Soussan Davidoff uses the food pantry when she needs to and enjoys the pool and exercise classes at the our nonprofit partner and beneficiary, Commonpoint Queens – Central Queens Y Food Pantry, Forest Hills

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