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Rabbi Hecht’s story

Every person has innate dignity, no matter who you are. My staff feel the same way. They stay later, and see more clients than is possible, all because they love helping.”

We’re here on the frontline of poverty. Every day we see people who are very ill, who need help with food and assistance applying for government benefits. We understand their cultural needs and that’s why our programs and services are successful in solving problems.

We help over 800 Holocaust survivors every year by securing their food stamp benefits, enrolling them in Medicare and Medicaid, and bringing meals to their homes. We help keep survivors healthy and safe so they can remain in their own homes for as long as possible — that’s what they most want.

We also help prevent evictions and visit people so they’re not lonely. At the end of each day, the JCC staff and I know that it’s about upholding people who are so precious. And it’s about the legacy of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Avrohom Hecht is director of the Jewish Community Council of Canarsie,a UJA partner and beneficiary in Brooklyn.

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