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Nigel’s story

“I know I can do the work. What I’m looking for is a place of employment that will have some empathy.”

I have multiple sclerosis, and it’s been bad for me the last five, six years. I’m still walking, thank God. You can’t quit. You have to keep moving and be thankful that you’re seeing another day. And while you’re alive, you should be able to accomplish things.

I have a bachelor’s degree and when I heard about this IT program, I knew I wanted it because that’s where the jobs are — in technology. Although I’m new to IT, I’m smart. I know I can do the work. If you want me to work an extra hour or two at a job because the help is needed, I’ll do it. I just have a walking problem.

I want a place of employment that would have some type of empathy toward my condition, but at the same time know that I can still do the job.

Nigel Floris participates in NYC: ATWORK, which helps people with disabilities gain meaningful employment and provides resources for businesses looking to hire them. UJA together with the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities supports NYC: ATWORK.

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