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Mayer’s story

“When I was young, I was in the Satu Mare Ghetto and Auschwitz. Now I’m 91. Who would imagine that my wife and I would still be dancing and schmoozing with friends?”

I was born in Romania. My family and I lived in the Satu Mare Ghetto until it was liquidated and we were sent to Auschwitz. I tried to escape and got shot in the leg. Five of my six siblings were killed. I was in the camp for a year until liberation.

After the war I met my wife, Margareta. We returned to Romania and came to New York in 1965.

Now that we get help at home, we’re able to do more. I’m happy going to the local Jewish bookstore and the synagogue, praying daily. Most of all, Margareta and I enjoy seeing friends, family, and going to Coffee Houses.

Mayer Fried relies on compassionate care from Selfhelp Community Services, a UJA partner, when he needs assistance with daily tasks. Together with Margareta, Mayer looks forward to Selfhelp’s Coffee Houses where they mingle with friends and dance to the music of their generation. Each year, Selfhelp provides support for thousands of Holocaust survivors living in the New York area.

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