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Lihi’s story

“I’m a single mom and it’s a struggle. When you have one paycheck, everything helps.”

My son and I came from Israel. We’ve been here two years. I’m working and it’s a struggle. The food pantry’s a huge help. It let me put a little bit of money away, $5, $10 a week, and then I could get my son what he needed: winter clothes, boots.

I came here to volunteer as well, since there were times when I didn’t have a job, and I loved it so much. I love helping and I love getting my help. You feel a part of something, and these people became like my family.

They don’t make me feel like I’m needy here, you know?

Lihi Avishai found a community and healthy food at the food pantry of our nonprofit partner and beneficiary Commonpoint Queens – Central Queens Y  in Forest Hills.

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