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Leah’s story

“This summer helped me find more of myself and connect to my Jewish identity.” 

This is my first year in high school, so being at Sababa Surf Camp this summer really helped me. I’ve made so many friends who’ve become my family.

Being on the beach, just staring out at the ocean. Scratching mantras in the sand. Saying silent prayers if you want to. Or meditation. It just helps you let go of any stress.

Sababa is the Hebrew word for “chill” and “fantastic.” That’s pretty much like this summer.

Leah’s summer experience at the Sababa Surf Camp was made possible through the New York Teen Initiative, co-funded by UJA-Federation and the Jim Joseph Foundation, and operated by The Jewish Education Project. The initiative strives to make Jewish summer experiences more meaningful, attractive, and accessible to a wider range of Jewish teens.

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